If you eat, you are a foodie!

 In 2003, founder Brian Hashizume started a company to bring his passion of food and share it with others.   Always being told he was to “picky” about food from his family, friends, and coworkers Food Connect was born.  It was not about being “picky” but just the love to eat.

 There is no right or wrong in eating.  Yes, everyone is entitled to have an opinion, a dietary need, a political belief, but ours is “share!”  “Share” with you the enjoyment of eating great products.

 It all started by being told what to do by people who were not passionate about food.  After working for corporate companies, which did not reflect the same passion of food.  Brian went back to his old stomping grounds in the Skid Row district of Los Angeles, California where he first worked in a family business.  By being in the “neighborhood” again Food Connect was born and the focus of food was back for people like you who love to eat!

 If you are a foodservice operator or just a foodie cooking at home our goal is to be an extension of your kitchen or an assistant you don’t have.  Our job is to share the passion of food with you and to deliver the products to you in a timely manner using the best means of transportation.

 We are here to “share” quality products from passionate companies around the country and a few from abroad.  Hope you enjoy eating it all and we will keep searching for more great flavors for you!

 “Lets Eat!”